Marble Sounding Tree - Medium

Marble Sounding Tree - Medium

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The original cascading musical marble tree made by Grunspecht in Germany with eco harvested wood and non-toxic plant based dyes under the trademark Klaugabaum.

Set the balls in motion one at a time or all together. As they wind down listen as the tree sings with a beautiful melody. Children will love experimenting with different sized marbles and wooden balls for different sounds.

The Klaugabaum Marble Tree is the original designed marble tree and is trademarked as such. The original design takes many factors into account to create a melody that harmonises and calms the senses and one that works rhythmically on the inner soul of the child. The number of petals the spacing between the petals the resonance of the wood the size of the marble and the length of the 'trunk' all contribute and work together to create this beautiful and calming melody. Changing any design element changes the melody and the effect on the child. If you are comparing Marble Trees these elements become important and will help you make your choice.

Small parts (marbles) do present a choking hazard recommended for ages 3+.

Made in Germany by Grunspecht. CE certified. Trademarked Klaugbaum using the original design and all sizes come with 30 'petals' and 6 marbles.

Size: Height 46cm