Grapat 12 Magos / Wizards
Grapat 12 Magos / Wizards
Grapat 12 Magos / Wizards

Grapat 12 Magos / Wizards

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This is a beautifully crafted Grapat Wizards set of 12 wooden figurines and are decorated in all the colours of the rainbow. Each wooden figurine is approximately 6cm tall and wear a little hat to match their clothes. They have no gender and no expression and provide the perfect open-ended play opportunity. 

Your child will love the wooden texture of these little wizards and delight in using them in endless pretend play. They help develop fine motor skills, aide sensory awareness and promote early maths.

Encourage your child to pick them up and create stories with them, use them in the garden under a tree or ask them to line them up in rainbow colour order, from lightest to darkest or even stack them up high. They can be used to interact with other toys in your child's toy collection - use them as little people in a doll's house or load them into the back of the dump truck. 

The set includes a cloth bag for easy storage.

Age: 12 months +